Antique Hollander Rockaway Carriage Advertisement Pin | 1900 Rolled Gold

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Rolled gold, Victorian, Antique
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A rolled gold plated L Hollander advertising pin of the Rockaway enclosed carriage by Lambert Hollander. This business advertising pin is for LAMBERT HOLLANDER — CARRIAGES. Lambert started business in November 1885 on Albion St. near his home, where he made small production commercial versions of his Victorian carriages. They were used as light delivery wagons, with some types known as “station wagons” for taxiing travelers, luggage, and cargoto train stations. His 3rd and final location in Amesbury Massachusetts was a factory on the corner of Chestnut St. and Carriage Ave. where he specialized on building a medium grade of Coaches, Rockaways, Landaus, and Coupes, and claimed that he built the best Rockaway in the world for the money. By 1906 he was admitted to the firm of Gray & Davis where his production ended. 

This advertising pin is estimated to be from the later time period just after 1900, prior to Lambert's ceasing of his business.

Measurements: Measures 1 1/2" by 1".

Condition: Excellent, no wear to the plating. A novice made a notch in the metal to test it for gold content but you have to look close to see it.

Shipping time: Within 1 to 3 days.


  • Rolled gold

Design elements

  • Antique
  • Victorian



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