Art Nouveau Vine and Floral Pattern 8mm Band | Unisex Ring | Sterling Silver

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Antique, Art Nouveau, Vintage, Sterling silver, 8.0mm
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Description: An Art Nouveau 8.0mm band encircled with entwined vines and flowers in sterling silver. This band is low profile and even though wide has a very comfortable feel. Perfect for women yet not too feminine for men as a unisex ring. Manufactured from a milled patterned wire imprinted by antique roller wheel dies. The bands are made to appear just like their authentic counterparts did a century ago.

A choice of 4 finishes are available: polished, antiqued (oxidized) finish, antiqued satin finish or satin finish.

  • Polished, has shiny reflective surface.
  • Antiqued, oxidized and tarnished in the recessed areas. High polish on the raised surfaces, has a darker overall finish.
  • Antiqued satin, oxidized and tarnished in the recessed areas. Raised surface having no shine with an overall matte appearance.
  • Satin, white metal with no shine and an overall matte brushed finish.

This band which is shown with the antiqued satin finish, will have a continuous pattern in all sizes but you may be able to notice a "seam" where the solder seam is. If your ring size is not listed just request it.

Measurements: Measuring 7.8 to 8.0mm in width by 1.15mm in depth. Manufactured to ring size. Note: wide bands may need to be 1/2 size larger.

Manufacturing time: Ships in approx. 3 to 5 days.

Country of Origin: Made in the USA from recycled precious metals.


  • Sterling silver
Width / diameter:
  • 8.0mm

Design elements

  • Antique
  • Art Nouveau
  • Vintage



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