LUC Makers Mark

by Nancy Janeliunas
LUC makers mark

Makers mark LUC. What do the letters LUC mean when stamped on Jewelry as a trademark? HSN used this mark on jewelry manufactured by Lucoral Company. They also had a line of Lucas LaMeth jewelry manufactured by Lucoral marked LUC. When Googled one will find many LUC marked items are being incorrectly identified and sold as made by designer Lucas MaMeth. He is a jewelry and home accents designer who gave the rights for designs on HSN to be sold under his name but is not the maker. Jewelry marked LUC is not made by Lucas LaMeth nor is it a designer item but a mass produced, mass marketed 'brand' produced by a mass jewelry manufacturer. When an item is marked LUC it does not automatically mean it is a Lucas LaMeth brand piece as this letter mark is used on all other jewelry manufactured for Lucoral Co., Inc. CORPORATION NEW YORK.

· The word mark LUC is registered to Lucoral Co., Inc. CORPORATION in New York with international branches

Word Mark: LUC
Goods and Services IC 014. US 028. G & S: jewelry. FIRST USE: 19920603. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1992-06-03
Filing Date June 26, 1992
Owner (REGISTRANT) Lucoral Co., Inc. CORPORATION NEW YORK 10 WEST 46TH STREET, 2ND FLOOR New York NEW YORK 10036 Live/Dead Indicator LIVE


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