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by Nancy Janeliunas

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Tropical Transformations

by Nancy Janeliunas

Tropical prints have a connotation for representing relaxed and beach-y settings (Jimmy Buffet anyone?) which can cause people to shy away from wearing them anywhere else. This summer Hawaiian inspired apparel has a place even outside of your dad’s shirt collection. Think of it this way, tropical is to summer what floral is to spring, so why don’t you celebrate the vibrant and carefree season, even if your plans don’t allow you any relaxation time. From the office, to a night out, no matter your style, expand your horizons while putting to rest all of the misconceptions about tropical prints.

1) for the office– If you’re stuck in back to back meetings, boost your mood and stand out in a palm print blazer or floral skirt. When it’s a complete scorcher of a day, take that white sand beach from your desktop background to your ensemble with bright, uplifting hues. Wearing interesting patterns and pops of color will bring life to your basic office gear and while remaining appropriately fashioned for the setting.

2) day to night– Just because you don’t live in LA, Florida, or anywhere with palm trees and beaches, you can bring the beach to you one piece at a time. Tropical prints have been popping up in more ways than teeny bikinis and beach wraps. Going out? try a sleek and modern two piece dress that can easily transition from day to night. Don’t like color? there are plenty of refined black and white options with palm leaf prints that still offer visual stimulation without the loudness of multiple colors.

It makes no difference where you live, what your plans are, or what your style may be, tropical prints can work anywhere. Step outside the beach and put on some tropical florals in the middle of the city or office. Accessorize with personal touches to finish off the look and make it unique for you. Not only will you look great, but there is no better way to brighten the summer office blues than bringing life into your look, especially in unexpected ways.

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